Disney’s Into the Woods

The girls and I saw Into the Woods on Christmas. The songs haven’t left my head and it was beautiful to watch. Have you seen it??? What did you think?? I thought it was visually beautiful and fun to watch. Little Red Riding Hood was my favorite character :) disney1



Weekday getaways are a must, especially to visit dear friends who you miss tremendously. Idyllwild is a cute mountain town in Southern California, filled with just the right amount of artsy people and crazy mountain dwellers. The drive was lovely, (when your kids sleep through it) and the temperature was way more stinking comfortable then the 100+ degree hell hole the valley has been lately. Our time was mostly spent laying on the couch, talking about the trashy tv shows we adore, eating terrible amounts of chips and chicken strips and dancing to our favorite songs. When I say “our time” I mean Lyndzee and I. The kids were pre occupied gathering acorns and pinecones and deciding who was going to be the momma cat and who’d be the baby cat. In my opinion that’s an important decision that every little girl is going to have to make at some point. Heres snaps from our time… the only photos that are excluded are the ones of me dancing to Sia’s Chandelier.


Tedeschi family

OK, They aren’t real life. Well they are but i mean come on, they can’t be right? They are always perfectly dressed and have the best hair! That all makes sense since Becky works for Free People and Ed works for Vidal Sassoon! I photographed them in their adorable home.. we drank tequila, at pizza played with sparklers. It was so much fun! My friend Tiffany did Beckys makeup…loved it! Just look!


Chris & Amber

Got to pop in and photograph Chris & Ambers place a few weeks back.  Aside from being ridiculously good looking and in love, these two’s house is quite the eye candy. Every corner is filled with an unexpected treat. My favorite was the speak easy hidden behind a bookshelf. I could’ve spent all day in there listening to music and sipping my vodka martini. Chris designs and makes custom furniture and cheese boards that I’m obsessed with!! Their house is full of his work… check more out here Chris-Earl.com . Chris and Amber, thanks for filling my stomach with good food & drink!

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Villalobos Family

This little family was the cutest! Our session was short and sweet but I loved every second of it!


Mellow Pocket

Ok tell me this video Alex shot for Mellow Pocket of the girls and I isn’t the cutest!!! So lucky to have it! Check out their skirts and tees while your at it > MELLOWPOCKET

Jerrad & Tiffany

Every single thing about this day was a dream. From the rad venue Hicksville trailer palace, to the amazing Pow wow team . There wasn’t a piece of this day that wasnt pleasing to the eye. I feel so lucky to have photographed this day & gained some new friends! Love you guys Jer and tiff!


Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has not been an easy one for me. With the pains and trials I also had a lot of smiles and laughs that I am so thankful for! Im going to meditate on the good today!! Heres a few snips from a family trip to Lake Arrowhead. Also Im having a mini Black Friday sale!!! If you email me today or tomorrow Im offering family sessions for $300. Thats $100 bucks off. Session dates must be booked between December 9th and Jan 11th & they include a disc of images. Email me denise.bovee@gmail.com Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!a1



Stella took these of Lucy and I

Stella took these of Lucy and I



Kraus Family

Well hello there! It’s been awhile,a long while since I’ve had my blog. My recent circumstances set me in a giant funk & it’s been hard to get out. I’m setting up shop again but will be focusing more on photographing families & couples in a natural setting of their choice. This here is one of my favorite families & this mom happens to be one of my dearest friends! They make me want a little boy so friggin bad!

p.s If you are interested in booking a shoot for the holidays you can email me for special rates denise.bovee@gmail.com


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